Developing Leaders
for the future

2014 was an exciting year for the NHS North West Leadership Academy with the celebration of our annual NHS North West Leadership Recognition Awards, the continuation of our 'Pushing the Boundaries' Aspirant Talent Programme (part of the Clinically Led Strategy) and the launch of our ‘Leadership Direct’ app!

There has been lots to respond to including the various leadership reviews being undertaken and they are keeping us busy developing our local NHS North West Leadership Academy and collective Local Delivery Partner responses.

So moving on to 2015! We have been working with you over the last seven years to develop leaders in the North West to be the best they can be, ensuring they create the environment and the culture to enable the delivery of caring, compassionate, safe, effective, high quality services for our patients and local populations and with the publication of the 5 Year Forward Review, we pledge to continue to provide you with this service for 2015.

Leadership Direct

Everything Leadership in the palm of your hand. We are excited to announce that our app ‘Leadership Direct’ is here!

Here at the NHS North West Leadership Academy we pride ourselves on always scanning the horizon, looking for new advances in leadership development, making sense of the change in health and social care context and the required leadership development interventions to support our North West leaders to lead in a fast paced complex and ambiguous environment.

To download our very own app simply search ‘North West Leadership Academy’ on your app store or click here for an easy step by step guide.

The North West in it Together: Leading the System

For our most senior leaders in health & social care

A year on from 'Leading Better Care for all in the North West', the NHS North West Leadership Academy and North West Employers are delighted to be able to invite you to 'The North West in it Together: Leading the System'.

Wednesday 4 March 2015, 10am – 3.30pm
Kings House Conference Centre, Manchester

This full day conference aims to:

  • Stimulate dialogue and challenge around the role of leaders in successfully ‘leading the system’
  • Showcase best practice from across the North West and beyond, particularly around the impact and role of leaders


  • Chris Ham, Chief Executive at the Kings Fund
  • Andy Walker, Service User Representative
  • Jeremy Taylor, Chief Executive at National Voices
  • Catherine Mangan, Senior Fellow for INLOGOV

The day will include breakout sessions on:

  • The future systems leadership role of health and wellbeing boards
  • Implementing large scale integrated care programmes
  • Leadership for integration – sharing the learning
  • A window into the integration pioneers
  • A session with NHS IQ
  • Local Vision Pilots - The Leadership Centre

Places will be limited per organisation and we are encouraging delegates to book their places early to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Click here to book your place.

(Please note that North West Employers are managing bookings for the conference on behalf of the NHS North West Leadership Academy).

NHS North West Mentoring Scheme: Spring Network Learning Event

Aims and Outcomes - You are invited to join us for the next Network Learning Event taking place in Liverpool.

This event is a great opportunity to network with your fellow NHS colleagues and also participate in new learning and contribute to the work of the NHS North West Mentoring Scheme and NHS North West Leadership Academy!

Audience – Registered Mentors and Mentees of the NHS North West Mentoring Scheme

‘Cross Cultural Coaching’: Session outline

  • Exploring the topic of ‘Intercultural Intelligence’
  • Cultural trends in the UK
  • Developing the capacity to be a cultural learner rather than a cultural critic
  • Looking at our own cultural influences and mix – what makes our individual cultural identity?
  • Examining our cultural ‘filters’ – how and why do we judge others? What implications might this have for our mentoring or coaching practice?
  • Cross cultural coaching – some real case studies and an opportunity to discuss them
  • Guidelines for coaching the culturally complex, disoriented or displaced – e.g. expats and those who have made other cultural transitions
  • A chance to practise – mentoring or coaching with a cultural dimension

Click here to book your place.

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